About us

The Office of SECURUS was founded in 2007 by the Legal Adviser Marek Suchożebrski and since than it has provided legal assistance to business entities, institutions and individuals not conducting business. Clients of the Office, who entrust us to conduct their cases, are sure that we will make every effort to protect their interests to the highest degree. Each case is analyzed by experienced team of lawyers and is treated with the highest extent. Many years of our experience in profession, continuous professional development and strong commitment to conducted cases guarantee to the Clients safety, effectiveness and comfort from the first visit in the Office to successful end of the case.

The Office of SECURUS is run by the legal advisers: the legal adviser Marek Suchożebrski and the legal adviser Klaudia Suchożebrska.

Furthermore, the six-person team of the Office includes ambitious and distinguishing with knowledge and skills legal advisers and legal trainees.

The Office of SECURUS provides legal services to the entrepreneurs, institutions and individuals not conducting economic activity. It offers comprehensive legal service based on standing order, as well as emergency assistance. Our specializations are: commercial law, damage law, law related to property, copyright and industrial property law, law of inheritance, family law and enforcement law.

SECURUS in Latin means: safe, carefree, sure.

The idea of the Office is to ensure our Clients with full legal safety by providing services with the highest substantive level, in comfortable conditions for the Client.

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