Business customers

Forms of cooperation adjusted to customer needs

Depending on customer needs, we offer constant and comprehensive legal services on the basis of a standing order, including at the office of a client or emergency assistance in solving specific problems. We provide flexible and comfortable terms and conditions of cooperation.

Legal assistance with starting a business

  • We offer legal assistance in the establishment and registration of commercial companies, preparation of draft agreements for commercial companies, we provide assistance when dealing with the official contacts and the National Court Register.
  • We provide legal assistance at the stage of business registration in the business activity register, Social Insurance Institution, tax offices, etc.

Legal assistance for legal and natural persons conducting business activity

  • changes in the National Court Register and business activity register, transformation, merger and division, liquidation of commercial companies,
  • preparing drafts of internal documents of a company 
  • preparing drafts of civil low contracts and providing opinions on contracts already existing on the market,
  • debt collection – vindication of claims and enforcement proceedings,
  • legal opinions,
  • negotiation and arbitration proceedings,
  • representing the Client in legal proceedings and in front of the authorities,
  • current consultations, legal advice, training in selected areas of law,
  • bankruptcy and restructuration proceedings.

Increasing the security of commercial transactions of Customer

We advise on how to minimize the risk of commercial transactions or how to avoid transactions involving significant business risk. These actions should be taken at the stage of concluding contracts and commercial negotiations, by checking the contractor or by including in contracts a number of collaterals adjusted to the type of transaction. Furthermore, we check if the collaterals held by the customers adequately protect their interests. We indicate to our Customers which contractual provisions increase certainty of implementation of obligations of the contractor of the Client, and in case of non-performance, contractual provisions that accelerate to get compensation. There are provisions aimed at obtaining security from third party, security on property, contractual sanctions for non-fulfillment of contract, as well as security accelerating legal proceedings and the enforcement proceedings.

Verification of formal and legal situations of contractor of Customer

  • verification of the data in the appropriate registers ( NCR, business activity register ) to gain the knowledge if the contractor does not face any liquidation, bankruptcy or arrangement proceedings; or his representative is the person actually and duly authorized to act on behalf of that entity and what is the scope of the empowerment,
  • to inform the Client what kind of documents they should require from the contractor to confirm his financial positionon,
  • checking the legal status of the subject of a commercial transaction - for example, in case of real estate, land and mortgage register, land register, buildings register and premises register; in case of movable goods for example activity register.

Collaterals of Client business transactions, including

collaterals from third party ?
  • collaterals in the form of the sola bill of the third person or sola bill of contractor guaranteed by a third party ( aval ),
  • a bank guarantee or an insurance guarantee of payment of trade receivables - the guarantor (bank, insurance company) undertakes to pay a certain amount of the guarantee in the event that the entity for which the guarantee is given, did not fulfill an obligation to pay for goods delivered or services within a specified payment deadline,
  • guarantee of the proper performance of an obligation by a third party.
Property security?
  • reservation of the ownership right of sold things for seller until payment of the full price by buyer;
  • transfer of the ownership right for the security of chattels belonging to contractor of the Client until the execution of customer commitment;
  • ordinary and registered pledge on chattels or property rights belonging to the contractor of the Customer;
  • entry in the land and mortgage register - mortgage or obligation rights (e.g. the right to rent or lease, the right of repurchase or pre-emption, claim for transfer of ownership of the property)
Contractual sanctions for non-fulfillment of the contract ?
  • conventional penalty - payable in case of non-performance or improper performance of the non-cash commitment or interest in case of delay in payment of a sum of money,
  • deposit - in case of non-performance by the contractor, the customer may renounce a contract and keep the received deposit, and if he gave it, he may require a double amount.
Collaterals accelerating legal proceedings ?
  • Voluntary submission of the contractor of Client to enforcement, included in a deed, to the extent of payment specified in the act of sum of money or marked by valorization clause or issue defined things – sometimes it allows to avoid very long-lasting court trial.
  • Blank sola bill.

The organization and financing of private educational institutions

Legal aid to private educational institutions, especially kindergartens and other forms of pre-school education and nursery, and children's clubs. Concluding contracts and internal acts of the entity (statute, regulations), transformation of the form of the business activity, representation in offices and in court proceedings, assistance in obtaining and settlement educational grants.

Intellectual property rights, including

Protection of personal and property copyright, particularly the correct construction of the contractual provisions of the copyright, providing opinions on contracts already functioning in terms of accordance with the legal rights and drawing up legal opinions in respect of infringements of copyright. We advise authors how to benefit from their copyrights.  We advise to people who use other people's works how to maximally secure their interests in contracts and how to use the works without infringing property and personal rights of the creators.
industrial property low?
Legal assistance concerning the regulation of legal relations in the area of inventions, utility patterns, industrial designs, trademarks, addressed to entrepreneurs receiving rationalization designs, as well as their creators. Assistance in counteracting unfair competition.
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