Individual customers

The claim for compensation

We specialize in cases for the claims for compensation, including:

a) personal damages (such as medical expenses - both reimbursement of the costs incurred, as well as determining liabilities for repairing the damage obligation to cover in advance costs needed for treatment, reimbursement of costs of care for the injured person, compensation for pain and suffering, disability pension for increased needs, the pension resulting from loss of earnings)

b) damages relating to property (compensation for damage to the vehicle, the cost of renting a replacement vehicle, the cost of restoring the original state after flooding, fires, etc.)

We take the case on behalf of the Client in the full extent, from notification of damage to perpetrator or insurer, through court proceedings, to the client full compensation for the damage. We assist in gathering all the necessary documentation. Our offer is especially aimed at people injured in traffic accidents and accidents at work.


Family and guardianship law

The Office of SECURUS specializes in all matters of family law, including property right. The legal aid provides legal advice and representing clients in court proceedings, including:

a) divorce and separation,

b) case of division of joint property of divorced spouses,

c) alimony,

d) relating to the origin of the child ( e.g., establishment of paternity, paternity denial),

e) relating to parental care and contacts with the child,

f) the adoption,

g) preparing draft of a martial agreement of separation of property (prenuptial agreement),

h) related property settlement of cohabitants,

i) obtaining permission of the guardianship court in all important matters relating to the person or property of the child.

Inheritance matters

We represent clients in non-litigation proceedings, including:

a) a declaration of inheritance, both on the basis of intestate succession, as well as testament,

b) change or repeal of the provisions of the certificate of inheritance,

c) the distribution of the inheritance, also connected with the abolishment of joint ownership,

d) the inheritance security and inventory 

We represent clients in litigation proceedings, including:

a) the compulsory portion of an inheritance,

b) recognition of the inheritor as unworthy of inheritance,

c) relating to legacy, order, inheritance debt.

We advise on all matters related to inheriting, especially in the area of:

a) the assessment of the mass of the succession ( which  objects were included in inheritance)

b) manners of acceptance of an inheritance (unreserved acceptance of an inheritance or acceptance of the inheritance under limitation of liability)

c) renunciation of an inheritance and disclaimer.



Matters relating to real estate low

The Office specializes in matters the subject of which is property. These include in particular:

a) all matters relating to the acquisition and disposal of real property and, in particular,  preparing draft of an agreement of sale, exchange, donation,

b) checking the legal status of property, for any burden, seizure by court executive, zoning, etc.,

c) matters concerning the abolition of joint ownership,

d) matters concerning the prescription,

e) matters relating to the establishment and abolition of land easement, personal easements, 

transmission easement ,

f) matters relating to the establishment of other limited property rights ( usufruct, pledge, mortgage),

g) matters relating to lease ( preparation of contracts , termination of contracts, pursuit of

claims of lease),

h) checking and regulating the legal status of property,

i) the establishment of the land and mortgage register, the entries and changes in land and 

mortgage register,

j) matters concerning release and emptying real properties ( eviction ),

k) cases for compensation  from the municipality for damage caused by the non-delivery social premises / replacement premises/ temporary premises to the person entitled to these  premises.


Civil law, labor law

a) we prepare drafts of civil law contracts and we provide opinions on contracts concluded by customers before the first contact with the Office ,

b) we assist clients in pursuing any civil law claims, due to loans , incompatibility between goods and contract, purchases made at a distance, including by the Internet,

c) we represent employers in disputes with employees, including advise on the conclusion and termination of employment contracts,

d) we assist employees in pursuing claims against employers for illegal termination of employment contract, unpaid wages, accidents at work and on the way to / from work.

Lawsuit and enforcement matters

The Office represents Clients at all stages of cases, starting from conciliatory proceedings, through lawsuit, to enforcement proceedings ( bailiff`s ).

In special cases, free of charge legal assistance

Depending on the type of the case and the life situation of a client, we adjust the conditions of remuneration to customer capabilities, in particular, in reasonable cases in the opinion of the Office, we agree on payment in installments or settlement after the end of legal proceedings.

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