Legal Adviser - Partner Klaudia Suchożebrska

Klaudia Suchożebrska

Legal Adviser - Partner

She specializes in civil matters (especially in damages matters, real estate matters and inheritance law), family matters (divorce, division of assets) and in service of non-public educational institution...
Legal Adviser - Partner Marek Suchożebrski

Marek Suchożebrski

Legal Adviser - Partner

He handles issues of obligation law and economic law. He also specializes in bankruptcy law and copyright law...
Legal Adviser  Grażyna Basiak - Kot

Grażyna Basiak - Kot

Legal Adviser

She specializes in civil law, commercial companies law and industrial property law...
Legal trainee Bartłomiej Góźdź

Bartłomiej Góźdź

Legal trainee

He specializes in civil law, particularly in law of obligations and labour law. The range of his interests includes also commercial companies low and industrial property law...
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